Camp Noor 2017

In the Quran, Allah distinguishes those who are the most honorable in His sight as those who have the most taqwa. The Quran also describes taqwa as a libās (garment) that protects the soul the same way a house provides protection. In Nahjul Balagha, Imām Ali (A) further describes taqwa as a fortress that shields the soul.

So, how can we attain and enshroud our souls in this precious garment? To answer this question, we must look at those who are the pinnacle of taqwa: the Ahlul Bayt (A). Through what means did they achieve this lofty cloak of God-consciousness? What lessons can we learn from them to protect ourselves from wrongdoing?

Our goal for this year’s camp is to explore the means through which we can attain high levels of taqwa by carefully analyzing the example set forth by the Ahlul Kisa (the People of the Cloak) and the rest of the Ahlul Bayt (A). With the help of Allah (SWT) and the guidance of our respected scholars, we will learn how the Ahlul Bayt are vehicles through whom we can accelerate towards the rank of the mutaqeen.

Please join us for Camp Noor 2017, our 6th annual, three-day spiritual retreat in Northern California. Away from the trivial distractions of everyday life and in a tranquil setting, we pray that this year’s camp can spiritually invigorate us to reflect on our existence and rekindle our connection with our Creator.