Camp Noor 2016

The word “purpose” is often defined as “the reason for which something is done or for which something exists.” Every creation in this world has a purpose, from the seed that grows into a fruit tree to bees that pollinate flowers. It therefore stands to reason that human beings, who are Ashraful Makhlooqat — the best of creations — would have the best of purposes.

The question therein lies what is the purpose of our existence as human beings? How do we reach our purpose? What are the tools we have been given as the best of creation? How can these tools help us fulfill our purpose?

Please join us for Camp Noor 2016, a 3-day spiritual retreat in Northern California. Away from the trivial distractions of everyday life and in a tranquil setting, we pray that this year’s camp will spiritually invigorate us to reflect on our existence and rekindle our connection with our Creator and Nurturer.

Our goal for this year’s camp is to unravel the reason for our creation and uncover the lofty purpose of our existence. With the help of Allah, and through the guidance of respected scholars, we can then determine how to navigate towards fulfilling our purpose as the best of creations, inshaAllah.