Camp Noor 2015

When we enter this world, our fitrah, or inner essence, is inclined only towards perfection. However, as we grow and interact with our surrounding environment, we get entangled within the different webs of paradigms that exist in the world. Our souls are frantically searching for perfection, so we shift through these paradigms, testing which one will quench our thirst for that true perfection. As the self tries different definitions of perfection and searches for it through different avenues: wealth, education, and the material world, the thirst is initially quenched, but never completely subsides. This leads us to question our definition of perfection and seek out the true Paradigm of Perfection.

What is this Paradigm of Perfection? It is the manifestation of the attributes of the One and Only Supreme Creator in human form. It is the reason for why this world was created. It is a chain of 1 light embodied in 14 bodies. Only through emulation of this entity can we climb up the ladder of perfection.

Please join us for Camp Noor 2015: Emulating the Paradigm of Perfection as we deconstruct the false paradigms that already exist within our mental framework, and work step-by-step to build a strong foundation based on the teachings given to us by the 14 Ma’soomen. Once we are able to adopt the teachings and truly begin emulating this paradigm in every facet of our life, only then can we strive towards achieving the purpose of our creation: Perfection.